This Isn’t Just A Book About Photography

The Unforgettable Photograph is not your average Photography book. Sure, there are tips and tricks scattered through the pages. Like how to adjust your camera’s focus or shutter speed in low light, or how to create depth of field by adjusting your camera’s aperture setting. But the core message is really a hand book for living “The Good Life”. From the Moments You Stumble Upon to Everyday Moments – and tips on how to Seize The Moment. From Keeping It Real to Embracing the Awkward – and every thing in between. This is a book about connections. Moments. People. Ideas. Love. It’s a book about life.

Meet The Authors


George Lange

Incredible careers don’t just happen. They take passion, dedication, hard work, and a dash of magic. Like a fine wine, the good ones get better with age. But if you want to truly master your craft, it helps if you start early.

George Lange began taking photos when he was 7 years old. He’s taken photos every day of his life since. He says, “Sometimes I think I have simply spent my life trying to re-create with my camera what made me so happy growing up”. George grew up and went on to study photography at Rhode Island School of Design. When he graduated, he took his portfolio to a photographer he admired named Aaron Siskind.

Siskind paged through the photos and then said, “These are not nearly as good as you are.” Those words set the bar for George and his future work.

He apprenticed with the great art photographer Duane Michals, and spent a year traveling around the world as Annie Leibovitz’s assistant.

Today his portfolio is bursting with work as good as he is. There’s the iconic photo of Bill Gates & Steve Jobs that graced the cover of Fortune in 1991. Sophia Loren with a leaf blower strapped over her summer dress. President Obama and the First Lady sharing a tender moment.

Known primarily as a still photographer, his work has appeared on movie posters, billboards, in almost every major magazine, and in numerous platforms for many major corporations. He has photographed everyone from Jim Carrey to Honey Boo Boo; from the cast of Seinfeld to Cake Boss; from latex glove factories in Thailand to ice cream production in Columbus, Ohio; from choreographers to jewelers. In the past three years he has begun directing videos both personally and commercially with his wife, Stephanie Lange.


Scott Mowbray

Scott Mowbray is the editor of Cooking Light, as well as co-author of The New Way To Cook Light (2012). He’s edited several magazines, including Popular Science and Eating Well, and won top national awards for doing so. He’s always taken a lot of photos, but now takes much better photos after working with George. A native of Saskatchewan, he lives in Birmingham, Alabama and Louisville, Colorado.